couple_foreward_kissOur Best Selling Brand at Sleep On Mattress. Our Restonic mattresses are manufactured right here in North Dakota. Restonic is known for their “marvelous middle” technology and they offer a wide variety of sleeping surfaces to choose from.

We have worked closely with our manufacturer in Grand Forks and have designed special models that were inspired by the conversations we’ve had with our customer base at Sleep On Mattress.


Why Restonic?

Restonic is a worldwide recognized brand. They have won a number of awards including the Consumer Digest Best Buy Award and the Womens Choice Award. Sleep On Mattress choose Restonic not only to support our local economy and fellow North Dakotans, but because their products are consistent in quality. And if we were to run into any warranty issues, the folks from the factory come through our store at least once a month, and they are here to assist us with any questions or concerns we may have regarding their products.

Restonic Products In Our Showroom

  • Traditional Pocketed-Coil
  • Hybrid
  • 2-Sided
  • Latex
  • Memory Foam