Sleep On Mattress offers a number of products from Savvy Rest. Savvy Rest specializes in offering 100% natural and organic products.


SR-pillowtop-with-model-(72dpi)_0Why Savvy Rest?

Savvy Rest natural mattresses are safe and healthful materials. Sleep On Mattress chose to offer Savvy Rest because of their commitment to service.

Each Savvy Rest mattress is customizeable to each client and will last for about 20 years because of the durable materials that each mattress is made of. Savvy Rest offers more quality than your typical synthetic foams (memory foam, polyurethanes, bio-hyrids and gels) because nothing comes close to the natural resiliency of latex. Latex also has other unique properties that synthetics cannot. Latex offers a unique feel and support that no other synthetic foam cannot. Latex is also exponentially more breathable than memory foam and naturally sleeps cool without the need of gel infused  coolants.


Savvy Rest Products In Our Showroom

  • Mattresses
  • Mattress Toppers
  • Pillows
  • Natural Mattress Protectors