A Bed Made Right Here In North Dakota!

When we set out to find products for our new store we found an overwhelming amount of options. We knew we wanted to bring value and quality to our new store, along with offering Bismarck a better choice in getting a great nights sleep. As we looked through our brand options, Restonic seemed to stand out for more than a couple reasons.

While knowing these mattresses were made right here in North Dakota was a definite plus, it wasn’t the only reason we made that choice. Serta, Sealy, Simmons, and Tempurpedic offered a huge marketing and name advantage, we couldn’t ignore the quality and value from Restonic. Each time we compared the quality of materials used versus the end selling price, Restonic came out on top. You may not see the cute “sheep” commercials and huge advertising buys by a company like Restonic, but that actually allows them to put better quality materials in their beds and charge less money. As a consumer you may not see it line item’d in your purchase price, but you pay for all that National Advertising when buying from the big name brands.

Our last decision when it came to selecting a brand was probably the easiest. This boiled down to how the company decides to do business and if it lined up with how we wanted to do business. As a retailer, the big “S” brands liked to talk about how much money we could make, but Restonic started off by talking about their value, quality, and commitment to their customers. Let’s be honest, as a business we need to make money, but I also know if we don’t have happy customers, we don’t have a business.

Here’s a quick video Restonic put together explaining our best selling line of beds from them.