What Is A Wall Hugging Adjustable Base?

If you’ve been out looking at mattresses over the past year or two, you’ve likely been shown or come across an bed adjustable base. I know, your first thoughts are “I don’t watch movies in bed” or “I’m not old enough to need that”. The truth is they aren’t just for watching tv in bed or for “old people”. Today’s adjustable bed bases truly are an extension of a sleep system designed to help you get a better nights sleep. Research has shown the endless benefits of sleeping in a “Zero Gravity” position. (Zero gravity defined as your head and feet elevated to a position where your knees are level with your heart.)

A common feature of these bases you may come across is called “Wall Hugging”. What this feature does is actually slides the bed back as you lift the head. This is intended to keep you closer to the “wall” and also closer to your night stands. It is certainly a nice feature to have on your base, but before you buy into spending more money for the feature, I want to make sure you get what you’re paying for.

As with anything not all “wall huggers” are created equal. Over the past couple years many manufacturers have changed how far these bases actually go back. Many that I’ve run across now will only move 5″-6″ at most, where the Comfort Base brand we carry still moves a full 11″ back and actually keeps you closer to your night stand. I recently came across a very big brand name (and very expensive) base with this feature and it moved a couple inches at most, so in that case is it really worth the “upgrade”?

So before you spend more, solely based on this feature, make sure it actually measures up to your expectations! For more information on “Why We Sleep Flat”, be sure to check out our downloadable shopping guides and continue your research before making a purchase. Guides are available here for free: http://www.sleeponmattress.com/sleepguides/