Mattress Shopping

Latex Foam in Your Mattress?

Understanding latex, where it comes from, how it’s manufactured Ask a group of friends if they’ve ever heard of latex in mattresses and we guarantee you’ll get at least one giggle – and possibly an […]

Bedding & Bedrooms

Bedroom Therapy with Wanda S Horton

Beautiful bedroom serenity Although we spend most of our time in our bedroom with our eyes closed, feeling welcomed and comforted plays a big part in being able to close your peepers for long periods […]

Better Sleep

Sniff Your Way to Better Sleep

Who doesn’t love a good smelling bedroom? Between work, family and friends, life can be pretty chaotic, which makes it hard to relax and unwind at the end of the day. With all of these […]

Mattress Shopping

Mattress Shopping Red Flags

You Need The Information: Don’t be afraid to ask! Check out my quick video about a shopping experience a customer shared with me the other day. Information is key when shopping for a new bed. […]